One moth later….

I am still working on 15,000 steps a day. As the weather has started cooperating more, I have been able to get out and meet that goal more often. Quarentine deffinately limits where you can go and be safe.

Also, the dogs do NOT understand the concept of at-home exersize. One of them thinks theirs something wrong with me, the other think I’m trying to play with him.

As things thawed the moose were scarse for a few weeks, but we’ve been visited two days in a row now.

It’s good to see them again, and to know they are adjusting to people being out more. Neighbors left and returned, and the Moose only moved alittle when their cars engine surprised it as they were leaving.

The seeds I planted are sprouting, and my sourdough i alive and well. It feels strange to feels so normal during this pandemic.

I enjoy gardening.

I’ve kept sourdough before.

The dogs give me some one to talk to.

And so do the Moose I guess.

I’ll let you know if they start talking back.

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