Well, that was unexpected.

But what wasn’t this year.

I started back at the winery early this summer. I wasn’t sure at first if there would be a season to hire folks for, but sure enough here we are. Then, ‘SURPRISE’ I was offered a year round position at work.

It feels super weird. Lots of folks are struggling, while I got my summer job back, and it became a year round gig.

The government shut down last spring was hard on us, Pak didn’t get paid or compensated in this primary job for a month. He worked his @$$ off in secondary jobs to pay for our mortgauge, and we went to the food bank they set up at his work place.

I had never needed to use a food bank before. We qualified for reduced price lunches in school when I was a kid, but I was a picky eater, and rarely ate school lunch. I’ve generally supported those kinds of programs, but last spring was the first time I was truely thankful for them.

Comparatively this year hasn’t been as bad for us personally. He’s essential and the enlisted version of salaried, so we didn’t have to worry about money. We’re much closer to both sides of our family @ this station, then we were last spring.

Not that that helps the political, cultural, or larger economic situation.

Its was just strange to feel so prepared for all this. As a kid from an island in Alaska, I know how to make long ditance communication work, how to stock up moderately, and what to stock up with. I only ever bought I package of TP at a time, and we never ran out. We have done plenty of fishing to fill our freezer and their a several hunting trips being planned specifically for the meat. Plus I’ve got kale and tomato plants growing inside as the temperatures start to fall.

I’m worried about my folks, my community, my country, and its status as a democracy. I’m doing my best to help when and where I can. But its nice to not have to worry as much about my own personal well being, and I am well aware of that privledge.

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