I can’t tell you where exactly…

But we finally got out to do alittle scouting. All be it accidentally, in the process of helping a friend in a subaru get unstuck from an atv trail, but it was on one of the trails I’ve been recomended. Its nice to feel alittle more confidant knowing where it is.

It’s been very wet and rainy lately. As such, the conditions weren’t great for hiking, and we did little more then pass by & note the trailhead, but in the weeks ahead we should find time. As it turns out, the jeep fits down said atv trail.

We did alittle more than pass by. Google was oblivious to the new development, and instead directed us to drive on to the OLD atv trail. We figured out their error when we drove up to a newly constructed house, but were able to find our way around and to the location where the trail crosses said new development road, (Literally named Mossberg road.)

It was weird, and slightly confusing, but sucessful in the end.

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