Welcome to the apocalypse!

March 16, 2020. Only one confirmed case in the whole state so far. The two biggest cities in the state are restricting social gatherings. I haven’t seen toilet paper in local stores in a week. I bought an extra pack a week and a half ago, but seriously. What the h#ll is stockpiling TP going to do to protect you against CV-19?

We have extra gloves, and a couple of masks from various crafting projects. We know how to wash our hands, and do so. If I was honestly concerned I might start wearing my buff out in public. Mostly just to be careful? It probably wouldn’t do much?

My steps are up to 15,000 and I am making good progress, but we have to be careful now, walking the dogs in less socially accessible places. I’ve started doing workout at home again, not a habit yet, but trying to build one. Darebee’s fitness program is great for working out during social distancing and all of this. No weight systems or gym required. Their bodyweight workouts you can do in a hallway.

Supply lines have not been damaged. They are bringing more toilet paper to your grocery stores. Their making that stuff out of bamboo these days. Their is no actual shortage. Stockpiling hurts literally everyone.

Like a month or two from now TP prices will crash, because the stock pilers will STILL have excess, and this stupid ‘shock’ bubble will have passed.

Currently social gathering of more than 10 are discouraged. Social media is teaming up an encouraging people to be informed, practice social distancing, AND WASH YOUR FREAKING HANDS.

We will get through this, and someday it might even be funny. Until then, we’ll be hanging out in our house, reading books, playing games, watching netflix, and maybe learning something new.