Surviving the Pandemic Part 1

Today I am starting the “Hero’s Journey” program from Darebee. Day one is “Press Start” has 3 different levels depending on your abilities, and is composed of Side Leg Raises, Squats, Toe Tap Hops (which were new to me), and Climbers. Check out the free program HERE. They’ve also got a workout specifically for the Lock-downs, and advice for working out at home during all of this. Like always this content is, and always has been FREE. They also have a YouTube channel. So if your looking for fitness routines, and programs, Darebee has you covered. They do take donations if you can support them.

Their are still less than 10 cases in the state. All of them travel related, no community spread. Yet. The state has still closed restaurants and local stores have set aside special hours for the older or immuno-compromised customers. Their are a very limited number of tests available anywhere.

Medical care in the state of Alaska can be tricky. We have very small very tight knit communities spread out, far beyond modern medical access. If CoVid-19 makes it out to a village? Disaster. Like when governments let that happen to ethnic groups its called genocide. That’s not what Alaska is doing. I am proud that we are so much more prepared then the federal government or much of the lower 48. We have stricter rules than many states, and one of the lowest case count in the nation.

I mean, it’s winter in Alaska. We, as a state, kinda self-isolate for most of this half of the year. The scary part is spring break, everyone traveling, and everyone whose going to be returning, and how little regard many have for their communities.

Providence is the only civilian hospital in the Kodiak Archipelago. The workers of the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center had been fighting to keep their sick leave for an extended period of time. This was nothing fancy, just basic sick leave, that EVERYWHERE ELSE Providence gave it’s employees. They thought they could intimidate their Kodiak employees. They thought they could intimidate Kodiak. They were wrong. That small town stuck together, planned their strike months in advance, and were prepared to follow through if providence was going to screw them over.

Because Kodiak was only the start. Once they’d pulled it off in Kodiak, it would have been the example. No one other Providence facility in Alaska would have retained their established sick leave. Because even as the Federal Government was creating legislation to support and require sick leave, (at least for this crisis) Providence tried to blame it’s own employees in Kodiak. But Kodiak is a small town, and people talk to each other, and called those corporate jerks on their nonsense, and they did not flinch.

It was announced last night, that Providence through a “mediator” finally yielded. A tentative agreement has been reached, and the strike will be avoided. Go Kodiak.

I just wanted to share a little bit of good news in the middle of all this.