Don’t worry, its just a silly working title.

This is something of a new project, a new resolution for me. I’ve been trying to write more often but my dyslexia, and it’s affect on my nerves, makes publishing anything challenging. It’s not something I want to do on social media, in front of all the mobs of Twitter, and the scattered remnants of Tumblr. So I am going to start here.

I’m from Alaska, and things are expensive here. For Alaskans hunting locally is a common way to not only reduce ones costs of living, but also to participate in our ecology. State law mandates the promotion of the Moose hunts, and moose populations, in order to allow people, especially Native Alaskans to live more traditional lifestyles, outside of city limits. Their are many registration hunts, but we also do drawings for smaller hunts. These cost money, and help fund the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the research and monitoring they do of wildlife populations, in order to maintain them.

I was drawn for two hunts this fall: Elk and Moose, both cow hunts later in the year. This has given me some extra motivation to kick my own behind back into shape. Its going to involve plenty of research. Quite a bit of hiking and preparation, and a (hopefully mild) action adventure or two followed by plenty of recipes if I’m successful.

Some of it might end up on Youtube, it might not. Either way, I’ve got some miles to run, and a back pack full of sand to pack.

I’m going to start by with upping my daily steps goal. It was 12k, but is now officially 15k. I might add a plate carrier for weight later, but I’m going to start with small steps. My goal is to rebuild habits, ones that I hope to keep even after the hunt.